PARROT - SCARLET (BLUE) WHITE CHESTED Complete Wildlife Register

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Size: 8 inches
Lifespan: 10-15 years
Bird Species: Grass Parakeet
Colors: Blue, Red, Yellow, Green
Sounds: Quiet, Chirps, Natural Calls
Interaction: Social,Docile, Shy, Fun, Friendly, Calm
Comparable Breeds: Eastern Rosella, Budgerigar parakeet

Scarlet Chested Parrot General Info
These lovely little parrots are the most popular ambassadors of the Australian Grass parrot family. They charmed Australia in no time and their popularity is quickly spreading to other corners of the world. The reason for this is their friendly personality and their remarkably pretty plumage. The Scarlet Chested Parrot is great for aviaries and small apartments. They also do well with other similar birds, such as Budgies, Bourke?s Parakeet, or Zebra and Gouldian Finch. With Scarlet Chested Parrot, you?re guaranteed a small, adorable, and loyal feathered friend.