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Oz-Pet ECO Loo Kit

The Oz-Pet Eco Loo Kit provides your cat with a toileting system that is natural, easy to maintain and economical.

The Oz-Pet Eco Loo Kit comprises of a sieve and base tray. The sieve comes in a lovely Surfmist colour and the base in Mocha Chocolate.

How does it work?

The two tray system allows wet litter to breakdown and fall through the sieve tray into the base tray when shaken
Wet litter accumulates in the bottom tray, leaving the sieve tray clean, dry and odour free
Fresh litter is only added to the top tray when required meaning less litter tray changes
More economical, because only the dirty litter is changed, meaning less litter is used
Scoop solid waste daily with the handy litter scoop
Dimensions H 15.8cm x W 37.2 x L 47.8cm.

This system is designed to be used with Oz-pet animal litter.

Oz-Pet are an Australian company who pride themselves in manufacturing environmentally friendly products. Made from plantation timber wood waste, Oz-Pet litter has undergone extreme heat and pressure to produce organic pellets free from any chemicals. These pellets are highly absorbent with natural anti-microbial properties. The natural eucalyptus oil in the wood, stops the growth of odour causing bacteria which can be found in other litter varieties.

*Wash hands thoroughly after handling used cat litter. Cat faeces can carry parasites that can could Toxoplasmosis. Pregnant women, young children and individuals with suppressed immune systems should avoid contact with used cat litter.