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Engraving included! You will recieve this tag fully engraved with your pet's details.

These tags not only look great but they are easy to read which is so important with a pet tag. After all a good pet tag is the fastest way for your pet to be found. Pet tags are so important, even if your pet is microchipped only pounds, shelters or vets can read it and can reunite you with your pet. A good easy to read tag can be read by anybody and people are very happy to give the number on the tag a quick call, taking the pet to the vet or pound is often too much for people to take on with a cat or dog they do not know so will leave the cat to wander. As we know a wandering cat is in extreme danger of being hit by a car and other accidents or just getting itself lost and disorientanted. Many times it can all be avoided if the cat or dog is wearing a good quality tag.

My Family pet tags are made from the highest quality. The company were jewellers for 20 years in the gold jewellery sector of Italy. Their work shows attention to details, quality, precision and style. Bronze, hand enamelled and adorned with shining strass. Each tag is a little jewel, realised with hypoallergenic materials.

Your Pet deserves the best. The tag will look great, will be easy to read and just might save your pets life one day.

My Family tags can be worn not only by pets, but also by people. They can also be attached to schoolbags, backpacks or jackets, used as zip pulls or key rings.