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Whether youre a beginner fish hobbyist or have kept an aquarium for many years now, youll find Marina products to be user-friendly and affordable, supporting the life and habitat of your fish for years to come.

Marinas quiet-running underwater filters use mechanical and biological filtration to ensure crystal-clear aquarium water. Able to be fitted with either foam or zeo carb cartridges, these filters can absorb liquified waste and remove dye, medication and odours.

Mechanical and biological filtrationFor crystal-clear aquarium water90-degree output diverterVenturi system, for when additional air is required
Model Guide:

Underwater Filter JF50: Suitable for aquariums up to 50 litres. 300 litre p/h flow rate

Underwater Filter JF75: Suitable for aquariums between 50 and 75 litres. 400 litre p/h flow rate

Underwater Filter JF100: Suitable for aquariums between 75 and 100 litres. 480 litre p/h flow rate

Underwater Filter JF150: Suitable for aquariums between 100 and 150 litres. 600 litre p/h flow rate