Kong Shakers Passports Meerkat Medium

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Give your dog a “meery” good time with the KONG Shakers Passports Meerkat!
The KONG Shakers Passports Meerkat is ready to give your dog a good time! The super plush and cuddly meerkat toy for dogs comes with playful sounds (a loud squeaker and a rattle!) to entice your dog to engage in satisfying and entertaining independent play. This adorable meerkat also doubles as a bedtime buddy that gives your dog comfort and company during naptime.


Super soft and plush meerkat toy for dogs - great for gentle play and bedtime snuggles
Includes a loud squeaker and a rattle for double the fun-making noises to entice your dog
Brings out your pet’s natural instincts of hunt, chase, and shake
Best for medium to medium-large dogs to play with
Design: Meerkat

Size: Medium

Dimensions: Approximately 20cm x 17cm x 12.5cm

Make the KONG Shakers Passports Meerkat your dog’s new favourite playtime pal!