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The Husher Elastic Dog Training Muzzle is a simple but effective training aid in getting your dog to stop barking. Made from stretchable elastic, with webbing around the elastic to limit the expansion of the dogs snout. The elastic exerts a firm yet humane pressure around the snout, similar to that applied by a mum when your puppy was in their litter to maintain dominance. After a few short barks, dogs find it easier and less tiresome not to exhibit nuisance behaviour and stop barking. The Husher Elastic Dog Training Muzzle still allows your buddy to drink, eat & play with ease. The Husher muzzle is available in 9 sizes and the best way to measure what muzzle your dog should use is by,

Using a piece of string, measure the circumference of your dog's snout by starting at point "A" and taking the string around your dog's mouth finishing back at point "A". Next, measure the distance (bridge length) from "A" to "B", image in carousel shows where you should be measuring on your dogs snout