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og Green
Help protect your dog from potentially deadly heartworm disease with Heartgard Plus Medium Dog Green. Heartgard Plus Medium Dog Green is suitable for dogs from 12-22kg. While you can't stop mosquito bites, with Heartgard Plus you can kill the heartworm larvae that are transmitted to your dog by those annoying bloodsuckers, preventing heartworm disease. Heartgard Plus Medium Dog Green also controls roundworm and hookworms. The key features of Heartgard Plus Medium Dog Green include:

Prevents heartworm disease in your dog.
Kills heartworm larvae and controls roundworm and hookworms.
Easy to give - most dogs eat this delicious beef chew right out of your hand!
Recommended to give monthly.
Heartworm treatment is both dangerous and extremely expensive. Heartgard Plus helps avoid the cost of heartworm disease and the risk of possible death from heartworm disease.
Can be used in all breeds of dogs, including stud dogs and pregnant and breeding female dogs. Can also be used in puppies that are over 6 weeks of age.