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Reduce your cat''s hairballs with the Furminator Short Hair Large Cat Deshedding Brush Metallic. Furminator will effectively reduce hairballs by reducing loose hair ingested by cats associated with self-grooming and help support the reduction of hairballs. The stainless steel edge of the furminator gently reaches deep beneath your cats top coat to get the loose hair on the undercoat. The Furjector button cleans and removes loose hair from the tool with ease by simply pushing the button and the hair drops down so you can stop finding your cats hair all over the house and furniture. The Furminator ShortHair Large Cat Deshedding Brush Metallic is used and recommended by professional groomers for a smooth and shiny coat.

For cats over 5kg
Designed for coats longer than 2 inches
Helps remove hairballs by removing loose hair that cats swallow while grooming
Stainless steel edge will gently remove loose hair
FURjector button will remove loose hair from the tool with ease
Designed and used by professional groomers
Gently removes the undercoat