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Fluval 407 Canister Filter

The new Fluval 07 series external filter has been redefined and redesigned as a result of nearly 4 decades of success and research into filtration technology. With a more robust design, improved features, 25% quieter operation and superb performance the new Fluval 07 series outperforms its predecessors.

The Fluval 07 series pump has been re-engineered to incorporate improved noise dampening materials, unobstructed friction-less impeller rotations resulting in a smooth-running reliable pump 25% quieter than the 06 series externals. The new substantially larger rubber stabilizing feet not only protect the bottom of the filter but offer greater vibration-dampening capability.

New and improved features have ensured the 07 series external filters are robust and easy to use, these new features include the following ?

- NEW? Ergonomic Aquastop Valve 2x stronger than the 06 series

- NEW? Lift lock motorhead clamps single action and quick release

- NEW? Priming handle 7x stronger than the 06 series for effortless startup.

- NEW? Ez-lift media baskets for quick media access

With the only vertical pre-filter on the market, the new Fluval 07 series filter has maximum filtration capacity with improved mechanical filtration with 30% more surface area.

At a Glance

Suitable for aquariums from 150-500 litres

Maximum of 1450 LPH (litres per hour)

Total chamber volume, 6 litres

Canister volume, 9.2 litre

Basket volume, 4.2 litre

20w running power

Dimensions 28cm x 18xm x 49cm

Media Included: Bio-Foam Max (x2) Bio-Foam (x2) Carbon Remover (x1) Quick-Clear (x1) Bio-Foam+ (x1)

3 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY (plus a 2-year extended warranty upon registration*)