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FiltraPure is a bank filter, which is set up at the edge of the pond. It is available in three sizes ? either as a filter with filter media or also as a complete PlusSet, including a UVC pond purification unit and a pond pump. The filters are designed for pond sizes from 2.000 to 7.000 litres capacity, depending on the model.

The FiltraPure technology

The single-chamber filter system with different filter media for filtering the pond water. After mechanical filtering through the bio-core, the water undergoes biological filtering, which is carried out by the media mix or filter medium and the filter sponge, in the PlusSets, the pump and UVC device are included in the delivery.

Dimensions (HxWxD): 35x40x29.5 cm

Pond size caoacity: 4000 l

Recommended Pump: 800-1000 l/h

Filter capacity: 26 l