Exo Terra Reptile Cave Medium

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The Exo Terra Hiding Cave is a necessity for your reptile's terrarium. All reptiles like to have hide-outs, so why not get them a natural looking and durable cave?

A proper hiding area is like a safe spot for your reptile or amphibian. It's where they go to relieve anxiety and stress, and in most cases the cave doubles up as a cool spot away from basking lights and heat lamps.

The Exo Terra Hiding Cave is easy to clean and looks natural in any terrarium. Brown and slate colour, the cave has a wide opening and is relatively low to the ground. This cave will also benefit your reptile's well being and sleeping patterns.

Stable and textured, treat your scaley mate to a special hiding cave today!

Dimensions: 6.3" x 9.4" x 2.6"