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One of the essential parts of fish keeping and keeping your fish healthy, is making sure that your tank water comes as close as possible to the original water parameters of your fish.

Dymax Cichlid Conditioner Range helps you keep and maintain the best, healthiest water environment in your Aquarium. Dymax Endo Plex conditioner is a general treatment agent that does not affect pH or aquatic plants. This agent effectively treats bacterial and fungus such as Ulcers, Dropsy, Fin Rot, White Spot, Fungus, Gill Worms, Flukes, Fish Lice, and Velvet.

This product is also formulated to create and enhance fish protective polymers that effectively eradicate many types of ectoparasites, external fungal, and bacterial that is particularly useful for quarantine tanks for new fish.

Suits all freshwater aquariums and is an ideal product for treatment in fish quarantine purposes.

Dymax Cichlid Endo Plex 500ml Cichlid Fish Desease Treatment