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Drinkwell 7.5 Litre Pet Water Fountain - PWW17-16560
The Drinkwell 7.5 Litre pet water fountain has a large, open bowl design perfect for large pets and multiple pet households. Like all fountains in the Drinkwell range, the 7.5 Litre fountain continuously circulates your pet's water. The constant movement entices your pet to drink more water and also inhibits the growth of bacteria. You can adjust the water free-fall rate using the flow control knob at the top of the fountain. The foam filter catches hair, dirt and debris while the charcoal filters remove unpleasant tastes and odours. The filtering process leaves your pet nothing but the most pristine source of hydration.

The Drinkwell 7.5 Litre Pet Water Fountain is made from BPA-free plastic. Dishwasher safe (excluding pump). Its near silent operation is great for timid or easily startled pets. Features a receiving ramp to prevent spills and splashes.

The Health Facts
Each day, pets need 60mL of water per kilo of body weight. Keeping your pet adequately hydrated is beneficial for their overall health and has the following benefits:

Improves overall health
Faster recovery when injured or sick
Improves digestion and metabolism
Prevents urinary and kidney diseases
Helps the body with temperature regulation