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The K9 Homes Pet Products Seatbelt Headrest Restraint for
Dogs is designed to be used with your car headrest rather than
just the seat belt clip or seat belt strap.
Place the loop around your back seat headrest, and then secure
and fasten onto your dogs harness via the 360 degree rotation
metal snap.
This allows your dog to sit, stand and lie down comfortably or
reach to see out the window. Keeps your dog from jumping
around while you are driving.
Easy to use and multi functional. It can be used in a car and also
convert to a traditional hand-held leash whenever you need.
Makes it easy to go from car to walking in seconds, just unclip
from the headrest and off you go!
In addition, you can use the headrest strap to easily secure your
dog to a tree or other strong post when out and about, similar to
the K9 Homes Pet Products Smart Leads.
Product Features:
Fits any vehicle with a headrest
Quick and easy to use
Safe and comfortable for your dog
Can be used as a traditional leas