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Dedicated pampering with the specialised benefits of natural goat's milk. Goat?s milk is the unexpected skincare ingredient that has been quietly shaking up the beauty industry so it seems the obvious progression is to share that secret with our furry friends. Loaded with enriching vitamins, restorative properties and exfoliating acids this natural ingredient is particularly perfect for dogs that suffer from dry, itchy skin and for puppies with their young, sensitive skin.

Benefits of Goat?s Milk:

Nourishes, conditions and enriches skin resulting in a shiny, lustrous coat.
Low irritant and gentle. Perfect for sensitive skin and puppies.
Reduces environmental oxidative damage to skin and fur.
Enhances circulation which helps to reduce joint pain and arthritic syptoms.
Easily absorbs, draws and retains moisture into the skin keeping dry skin at bay.
Naturally exfoliates dead skin which helps control itching, shedding and flaking skin.