Csi Urine Carpet Penetrator Multipet 1l

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ize: 1 Litre

Available in 1 Litre
Liquid formula with dispensing cap
All of the above benefits in selling tips, plus:

- CSI Carpet Penetrator is the ultimate deep long lasting cleaner for specialist removal of deep set stains and odours in carpets

- Penetrates deep into carpet, right down to the underlay and subfloor

- Unique blend of natural enzymes and plant extracts,

combined with enzyme generating microbes or bacterium for ultimate cleaning power

- Dispensing cap helps to penetrate deep into the carpet and underlay to target hard to tackle deep set stains, odours and organic matter

- Combines "sprinter enzymes" for fast acting surface results, and additional "bacterium solution" which seeks out deep set organic matter / uric crystals, generating more enzymes on contact, for long lasting targeted results – keeps attacking stains and odours for up to one week for complete removal of the stain and odour