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Catit Cat Senses Roundabout Spinner

Catit Senses Roundabout Spinner Ball Toy for Cats is an Extremely Exciting and Fun Way to Stimulate Your Cat and Keep them Happy and Healthy

Exciting interactive toy designed to entice and entertain your cat for hours on end
Contains a unique spinning rod that propels a ball around inside the toy
Simply tap the start button and watch as the revolving ball entertains your cat and entices play
Great for chasing, pouncing, batting and stimulating your cat’s natural hunting instincts
For added engagement, the top of the rod has fibre-optic bristles that light up in the dark so that your cat can enjoy playing at night as well as during the day
Includes clear windows for a perfect view of the ball and multiple openings for easy access to the ball
Fantastic for exercising your cat and providing mental stimulation
Multiple openings for curious paws
Fibre-optic lights add to the excitement and fun of play
Catnip is infused into the ball which your cat will find irresistible
Connects to other Catit Design Senses products
Does not include batteries - Uses 3 x AA

24cm length x 24cm width x 8.5cm height
Ball: 4.5cm diameter