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Why do cats do all that "rubbing" action all over you?

Cats mark their territory, but not like dogs do! Instead of lifting a leg on a fire-hydrant, cats rub scent glands (located in their face) all over their favourite owner(s)! This is how all the other cats know who belongs to them, and that's YOU!

Finally Catit has the solution for the overtly needy "love bug", the "I'm too puuurfect" for regular toys, and the "always on the go" cat.


Catnip Sachet - Localised catnip keeps your cat focused on their toy and not running amock all over your home.
Two Large Bristle Pads - A allow for the ultimate "get your rub on" experience.
Gum massagers - Allows pet to scent while removing plaque build up on teeth.
Body Stroke Groomers offer easy intense massage area - Helps self-groom
Accu-pressure mat provides pressure-point paw massage
Variety of surfaces and sculpted textures along with 'replaceable parts' if needed.
Plenty of Senses add-ons - create a complete circuit of fun!
Can be joined to other Catit Senses units to create a fun, changeable play centre.
INCLUDES: 2 green bristle pads, a blue ripple massager, catnip sachet, white plastic base (solid), and a green gum stimulator.

Catit Senses will become your favourite Pet Sitter - While you're away at work, your pet still 'feels' your love with plenty of activities.