Catit Senses Grass Garden Refill Kit

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Product Description
Included: Horticultural Vermiculite 240mL (grow media)
Mixed Seeds 70gms

Growing your own Cat Grass has never been easier - grow your own cat grass within 1 week! Grass is a natural source of fiber, which stimulates digestion and helps prevent hairball buildups. Houseplants are often toxic and therefore not suitable for consumption. Catit Senses 2.0 Grass Garden Startup & Refill Pack is for use with Catit Senses 2.0 Grass Planter (sold separately here).

Directions for Use:

Pour the grow media/seed mix into the Catit Grass Garden base. Add two cups of lukewarm water.
Add the grid cover.
Day 1-3 place the planter in a warm environment with adequate light to speed up the growing process.
Day 4-6 keep the grass moist with a spray bottle.
Days 7-9 the grass is ready.
* Horticultural Vermiculite 240mL (grow media)
* Mixed Seeds 70gms
* Not for human consumption - pet food only.
* Results will vary depending on light and moisture levels.
* Grass will die if too wet or too dry.