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Catit 2.0 Mini Flower Fountain for Cats – 1.5L

Encourage kittens and other small cats to drink more water using this mini fountain. It is designed to appeal to fussy drinkers with its three different water flow settings. Since its fountain feature produces fresh flowing water, cats love it over standing water. Help your cats drink more water and a purified version at that with its dual action filter.

Key Benefits:

Designed to stimulate cats, who love flowing water better than still water, to drink more
Short enough for small cats and kittens to reach
Can accommodate 1.5 litres of water reservoir
Compact enough to save space
3 flow settings – normal, light flow that does not use the flower; bubbling water when the white flower is used; and gentle flow when the white flower is used along with the yellow button
Comes with a dual action filter to ensure that cats are drinking fresh, clean water free from chlorine, debris, and bacteria
Features a small yet energy-efficient pump
Helps prevent urinary tract infection in cats by increasing their water intake
Easy to disassemble, wash, and clean