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Catit Play Treat Puzzle 6 In 1 Interactive Toy For Cats Has A Range Of Fun Features To Keep Your Feline Stimulated And Learn New Skills To Capture Their Food
Do you have a lazy feline in need of a good workout? Well, this toy will get them up and working hard for their treats!

Cats are natural hunters and are born to hunt down their meals
In the wild, cats do not receive their meals in a stainless-steel bowl ? they have to work for their food
For a successful hunt, your cat must practise mental concentration and physical skills
This activity toy is the purr-fect way to satisfy your feline?s instinctual desires and create an exciting challenge to earn their dinner!
The treat maze features 6 fun activities ranging in difficulty level to allow your cat to use different hunting techniques to capture their morsels!
Simply hide treat or kibble into the different puzzle areas and let your cat go wild
The 6 different areas include: Oval Treat Tubs, the Spikey Forest, Green Cave, Bubble Holes, 4 x Tunnels, and an exciting Treat Spiral
Using a puzzle feeder enhances your cat?s daily life by appealing to their natural instincts to pounce, swat, and capture
Prevents boredom and re-directs naughty behaviour to an appropriate activity
Encourages physical exercise to ensure your cat is active and healthy
Feeding puzzles make eating a fun, interactive activity rather than just a source of nutrition
Requires your cat to work hard mentally and physically to earn their reward
Encourages your cat to eat slowly to aid digestion and weight control
May help cats who are prone to vomiting from eating too fast
Made from durable plastic with a smooth outer texture
Strong, stable base to keep the toy in place
Super simple to fill and use (comes already assembled and can be easily dismantled)
Easy to clean - hand-wash and rinse
Free from BPA materials
Can add to other Catit products to create a complete sensory activity centre

Total: 40cm length x 40cm width x 9cm height
Spikes: 3.5cm height x 2cm width
Centre Cave: 11cm diameter x 8cm height
Tunnels: 7.5cm length x 7cm width x 3cm height
Bubble Holes: 2.7cm diameter x 1.5cm depth
Oval Tubs: 7cm length x 3.5cm width x 3.5cm depth

For supervised play
Choose the appropriate size and type of toy for your cat
Inspect toy regularly
If the toy is damaged or parts become separated ? remove the toy and parts