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Catit Play 3 in 1 Circuit Ball Toy With Catnip Massager And Bouncy Bee Toy For Cats Is Jam Packed Full Of Feline Fun
This fantastic 3-in-1 activity toy will provide your kitty with endless entertainment!
Features a multi massager, circuit ball toy, a bouncy bee, and catnip
Promotes good health, providing both mental and physical stimulation
An effective and practical method of preventing cats from getting up to mischief around the home and outside environment
Suitable for cats of all ages

The massager gives your feline a great spot to relax, with a wide variety of combs, textures and massage ridges to help your cat chill out
The massager is positioned in the centre of the toy
Includes combs and various shaped knobs for a great massaging effect
Cats enjoy keeping clean and grooming themselves, therefore the combs are designed to remove and collect any loose or shedding hair
The built-in gum stimulator encourages your cat to gently gnaw on the textured nubs, effectively cleaning their gums and teeth
Good oral hygiene helps prevent illness and bad breath, so this toy does two jobs in one!
Made of strong plastic material
Fun circuit with ball

The fun ball circuit is located around the circumference of the toy
Designed with a circuit channel for the yellow plastic ball to roll around
Allows your cat to easily nudge the ball with their nose or push it with their paw
Excites and entices your cat to chase and engage in active play
Made of durable plastic material
Bouncy bee

The spinning bee is attached to the circuit on a bendable spring
Your cat can paw and swat the bee back and forth for endless fun
The bouncy bee is made of felt pom poms with plastic wings
Cats absolutely love a range of textures, therefore this toy will not disappoint
Add some of the included catnip onto the bee to make your cat come alive!
The bouncy bee appeals to cats? natural instincts to hunt and capture

Includes catnip in a little container
Catnip can be irresistible to cats and encourage them to play
Add some of the catnip to the bouncy bee to add even more excitement to the toy
The catnip takes playtime to the max

For supervised play
Choose an appropriate toy size and type for your cat
Inspect toy regularly
If the toy is damaged or parts become separated, remove the toy and parts

Total: 36cm diameter x 5cm height
Ball: 3.5cm diameter
Bee: 20cm height