Blue Planet Crayfish Food 150g Ood Z

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Nutritious sinking sticks
Size 1 – 2 cm in length
Blue Planet Crayfish food offers a balanced diet for all crayfish species (freshwater lobster, yabbies, maron and redclaw, etc). Crayfish Pellets will maintain both growth rate and health of your crayfish. Crayfish are generally a scavenger by nature and will happily move around the aquarium finding food wherever they can.

Ideally feeding in the same area each day will ensure you can both tidy the aquarium when needed, but also view your crayfish.

Feed your Crayfish at least once per day, with late afternoon being more optimal, as Crayfish tend to be more active through darker periods or night time.
Switching lights off may encourage more movement at feeding times.
We recommend feeding a small amount of food, which the fish consume within 30 seconds. Sprinkle a little more in after, but ensure no food remains 2 minutes after feeding.
The nutritious sticks sink and slowly soften to release nutrients for consumption and reduce pollution and waste.

SIZE: 150g