Bioscape Tropic Canister Filter 1200lph

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Description: 1200 litres p/h suitable for up to 350 litre tank (KF-2218)
The Bioscape Tropic Canister Filter is quiet, energy efficient and powerful. Offering mechanical, chemical and biological filtration with a design that enables additional media to be added so that you can customise your filter to suit your requirements.

An economical external canister range with its 3 stage filtration making it perfect for any aquarium, be it planted, freshwater or marine.

Maximises filtration efficiency and nitro-bacteria growth with it's large-volume filter baskets
3 stage media included
Create your own combinations of mechanical, biological and chemical filtration
Easy start up, activate water flow with the smart start pump
Valve system makes maintenance easy and stops leaks and drips while cleaning or changing media
Handles for easy pump and basket removal, making maintenance access easy
Suits 350L tank