Bioscape Nitrate Extraction Cubes (85+)

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Bioscape Aquarium Nitrate Extraction Cubes Reduce Nitrates
Bioscape Aquarium Nitrate Extraction Cubes (85+ Cubes)

Bioscape extraction cubes fit almost any filtration application, including canister filters, power filters, trickle filters, wet dry filters, pond filters and other mechanical filtration options.

Durable poly fibre pads impregnated with nitrate absorbing resin to reduce aquarium Nitrate levels, reducing stress and providing better overall fish health.

Increase water quality and improve fish health by reducing the amount of common aquarium pollutants.

Control nitrate levels causéd by decaying organic material, overfeeding, over crowding and lack of water changes

Cube size 4cm x 3cm


For best results begin using as soon as nitrate levels start to rise above acceptable levels. Change the nitrate extraction cubes every 30-60 days depending on how quick nitrate levels rise. Always best to monitor your nitrate levels by regularly testing your water.