Bio-min Tropical Plus Conditioning Pk 375ml (inc Biomin, Biosafe,bioblack)

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Bio-Min Discus and Tropical


Stabilizes GH (general hardness).


Mineral supplement for all tropical fish.


Promotes strong plant growth.


Optimizes nitrification.

Bio-Min Tropical Plus is a premium mineral water conditioner.

All aspects of the aquarium improve from the addition of a quality mineral supplement. Bio-Min aids the water, fish, plants, and the beneficial bacteria in the filtration system with essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, carbonates, bi-carbonates, potassium, chloride and sulfates, each of these minerals and more are blended specifically to suit the fish being kept. Bio-Min Discus and Tropical is designed for tropical fish that thrive in a pH lower than 7.00 or for hobbyist that require a product that does not buffer the pH due to the high pH already present in the tap water.

Directions To increase the GH to 6 degrees (100mg/L) add 5ml (1 teaspoon) to 10 litres of water, only treat the newly added water. For harder or softer water adjust the dose rate as required.