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The Aqua One AquaStart 500 range caters to the beginners through to the advanced fish keepers. The AquaStart 500 features an internal back filter and an energy efficient LED light unit under a hinged hood.

Features & Benefits:

Available in a sleek gloss finish
Stylish bow front design
Easy set up and maintenance. Includes an internal back filter for mechanical, chemical and biological filtration. Includes filter media.
Convenient hinged hood allows plenty of room for easy access and maintenance
Two-way single switch LED lighting technology; Moonlight function with ?Blue Only? option or ?All Lights? (Blue & White). LED lighting promotes lush plant growth, as well as intensifies the natural colours in your fish.
Replacement Parts/Media:

25160i AquaStart 500 Platform 21 Impeller 160i
25160S AquaStart 500 Platform 21 Sponge 15ppi 160S
25001C 126 380 Carbon Cartridge Array 34 Xpres All AquaNano All Flora 36 42 2pk 1c

Additional Info
Code:52095GBK, 52095GWH
Type:Coldwater, Tropical
Size:50W x 34D x 49cm H
Vol. (L):65
Lighting:8.8W LED
Filtration:Internal Back Filter
Flow Rate:450L/hr
Voltage:220 ~ 240V AC
Length (Cm):50
Incl. Filter:Yes
Incl. Heater:Yes
Incl. Light:Yes
Matching Stand or Cabinet:No