Adaptil Calm On The Go Collar Small

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t’s easy for your dog to adapt to stressful situations. All they need is a few extra hugs – and maybe a little help from Adaptil.

The Adaptil Calm on the Go Collar releases calming pheromones to let your dog know everything is fine. Even when there’s some seriously scary stuff going on, like a big thunderstorm or when they’re on their own all day because you’re at work, Adaptil will help your dog remain calm, so they can conquer their greatest fears.

Adaptil uses synthetic pheromones similar to the ones mother dogs use to calm their puppies. These pheromones promotes wellbeing in your dog or puppy, helping them overcome anxiety
Odourless to humans
Helps your dog deal with stressful situations, like loud noises, separation anxiety, meeting other dogs and adjusting to a new environment
To use, fit the collar to your dog, then leave it on continuously for a month (except for when your dog is being washed or is taking a swim)
Each Adaptil collar lasts around four weeks
Suitable for puppies and adult dogs of any age
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Size: Small to medium – suitable for dogs with a neck size up to 37.5cm, or weighing up to 15kg