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Whisper quiet, designed for near silent operation with very low power consumption Large 2.5L (84oz) water capacity, great for small and medium sized pets.

Hygienic filtered water; replaceable quadruple water filter system with activated carbon and ion exchange resin.
Different flow designs; choose between a water fall and a gentle water bubbler. BPA free high quality plastic resins.

Durable and easy to clean.
How frequently do I need to change the filter?
The filter can be washed and replaced several times. We recommend
replacing it every 3 ? 4 weeks with a fresh one depending on the
number of pets using the fountain.
It can also depend if the fountain is close to the food source. Filters tend
to collect more food debris if the pet goes directly from eating to drinking.
Inspect the filter each time you add water and clean or change
Why do I find small black particles in the fountain?
It is common for a new charcoal filter to have some charcoal dust on the
surface. This is normal and won?t harm your pet in any way.
To avoid this, rinse the new filters in water prior to installation.
How often should I clean the fountain?
The fountain should be cleaned at least every two weeks. Again, this is
use dependent and may require more cleaning if it has more users.
What is the power consumption of this fountain?
The Whisper Fountain runs on a super low power DC pump. The power
consumption is 2.0 Watts at 50Hz.