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Orders & Returns

Warragul Pet Emporium supports returns under warranty for one year on non-perishable items. Our goal is to provide the quickest returns possibly on all faulty goods that are sent in, but keep in mind that this process may take upwards of two to four weeks to finish. It is possible that this amount of time could grow longer if it takes the manufacturer or supplier longer to discover and resolve the issue with your product. In most cases, we will be unable to provide immediate replacement products. Urgent returns may be accomplished by handling your issues directly with the manufacturer or supplier as it will eliminate freight between us as the intermediary.

What Should I Do If I Bought A Faulty Item?

You should speak with the manufacturer of the faulty product when the issues are first noticed. They will be used to handling these problems and may already know a solution if it is a recurring issue. They usually have the ability to process the warranty return quickly and may be able to issue a replacement product as well.

If you cannot resolve the issue by speaking with the manufacturer, then you can contact us through e-mail support. Provide as much detail as possible on the problems you are having and we will look into it further. If we request that you send the item in as a warranty return, you must make sure that you follow the shipping process that is stated below.

What Should I Do If I Receive Confirmation To Ship A Faulty Product?

1. How to Package
First, you have to pack the product back into the shipping box. This must be done with sufficient support to prevent any damage during freight. Under no circumstance will we be responsible for any damage that occurs during the return freight due to lack of protection in the package. If physical damage occurs, i t will result in a void of the product’s warranty.

2. What to Include
The package should include the faulty product, a copy of the original receipt, and a write-out on the faults that are occurring when using the product. Also make sure that up-to-date contact information for yourself is listed so you can be contacted on the matter if necessary.

3. How to Label
The online order number must be listed visibly on the package. You will also have to include your return shipping address. With this information, it will guarantee that the right department handles the issue and delays will be kept to a minimum. If the returned product package is not labelled properly, our staff may not accept the package once it arrives.

NOTE: Collect on Delivery (C.O.D.) shipping is not an option for return shipping and there will be a delay due to the refusal process for the shipment. Do not send via the C.O.D. shipping method.

Where to Ship To:

Warragul Pet Emporium
1-133 North Road
Warragul, Victoria 3802

More Information:

Damaged/Poorly Packaged Products
Goods that are noted as being damaged upon arrival will be refused. If a product is large in size and poorly packaged, a fee of $25.00 for repacking the item may be necessary before the product is returned.

C.O.D Returns
Do not ship your return via C.O.D. as this package will be refused by all of our staff.

Freight Costs on Return Shipping
Return shipping is at the customer’s expense no matter what the fault is with the product. The only reason why return shipping may be covered on our end is in the case of the wrong product being sent out. In this rare case, you will receive a credit or full refund on the expenses that occur red due to having to return the wrong product. The amount of the credit or refund is capped at the listed shipping cost for that product. This will not be compensated until the package is arrived and accepted by our staff. We will not be found responsible for any quicker shipping methods and more expensive shipping costs.

Items Shipped By Us
Warranty and replacement products are returned via mail at our own expense if a fault is discovered in the product. This is only applicable for online purchases. This is not covered if the product is not received for warranty return within our one year window. You can look at our section that covers warranty returns outside of our company if you are not under our coverage.

What Should I Return?
You will have to ship the entire product that is faulty when sending in the warranty return. This means that the books, accessories, boxes, and any relevant items are to be included in the package. If you do not know exactly what you should include, then simply contact us for help on the matter.

Can I Receive A Refund For My Faulty Products?
Warranty returns are usually handled by repairing or replacing the product if a fault is discovered. The replacement products may or may not be products which have undergone previous repairs. They are typically in the same range of physical shape as the item that you sent in. Typically, refunds are not processed for warranty returns unless are special circumstances in your situation. We, or the manufacturer, must agree to provide you with a credit for the item to be refunded.

Refunds / Exchanges

If a product is sent back for a refund or exchange, it must arrive within one business week of the date listed on the product receipt. The following requirements must also be met:

1. Product must be returned in mint and unopened condition with no seals broken to qualify for a full refund.
2. 20% or higher re-stocking fee will be applied for returns not in mint and unopened condition.
3. Used or damaged products will be refused by our staff and returned at your expense.
4. Freight costs remain at the expense of the customer for all refund and exchange returns.
5. We accept zero responsibility for any damage or for your package being lost while marked in transit.

Note: We advise that you are thoughtful when placing your order on our website to prevent having to send any items in for a refund or exchange. Warragul Pet Emporiumcannot provide you with a refund for your purchase if you choose the wrong product or are not satisfied with the it in any way outside of faulty performance.

Product Return Status
You can track the status of your return by sending an e-mail to us and requesting a progress update on your current warranty claim. In this e-mail, make sure that you include the order number for the product. Our staff will get in contact with you and give you an update on your warranty claim. We will also send you an update via e-mail once the product has been sent back from the manufacturer or supplier and it is ready to be sent to you.

Note: Keep in mind that the return process can be lengthy in some cases. Allow two to four weeks at least for the return to process. You can check the Warranty Returns section to get more information.

Cancelling An Order / Requesting A Refund
Cancelling an order can be done almost instantly by contacting us at our phone support line, 03 5622 0888, and speaking with our sales department. A request to cancel your order via e-mail can take up to two business days to process. Your order cannot be cancelled if the item is already in transit, but it can still be returned with any additional shipping costs being at your expense.

To best handle refund requests on prepaid orders, we advise that you provide us with your banking details when requesting a refund via e-mail so we can quickly process your request. All we need from you is your account name, number, and BSB info.

Warranty Returns Not Under Our Coverage
If your product is faulty and is not under our warranty coverage, then you will likely have to go under the extended warranty that the manufacturer offers. You will have to check to see what the warranty terms and conditions are for the product you bought. Warragul Pet Emporiumis primarily responsible for handling products under coverage in the first year after purchase, but we may be able to handle warranties outside of our coverage for you. To do this, you must make sure to cover the cost of freight and other expenses related to the warranty return. We will also charge an admin fee of at least $25.00 for us to handle the warranty claim with the manufacturer.

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