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  • Paw Care - Paws Are His Foundation


    Your dogs paws are his foundation. His paws are tough, but not indestructible. In constant contact with a range of surfaces leaves them predisposed to injuries, allergies and irritants. You can help keep your canine companions paws in good condition which he will be forever grateful. Read More

  • Is Dairy Ok For Your Pet?

    milk and cat

    There is a big debate in today’s society and a lot of conflicting arguments as to whether or not milk is OK to give to your cat or dog.  To keep it simple, your pets are just like humans in the sense that they can be lactose intolerant, and most probably are. Read More

  • Ear Mites - What are they?


    Ear mites are the mites that live in the ears of animals. It is an infection that causes intense itching in one or both ears. Read More

  • What Is A Hot Spot?


    A hot spot is an area of bacterial infection and inflammation on the skin, also known as moist dermatitis. It appears as a moist, oozing, reddened area. Read More

  • Furballs - How can you help?

    cat licking

    First thing to remember is that your cat bringing up a furball is completely natural, however if there are excessive amounts of furballs being brought up there may a risk of potential harm. Read More

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