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1-133 North Rd., Warragul


  • Keep Pets Hydrated Over Summer With Drinkwell


    Keeping pets hydrated during the hot summer months is always a challenge. Read More

  • PAW Gentle Ear Cleaner

    Border Collie pup scratching its ear


  • To shampoo or not to shampoo…itchy pets, allergies & the summer heat

    doggieSummer is officially here and, along with the sunny days and extreme temperatures, there is an increased incidence of allergies in our pets. Just like humans, dogs can react to allergens Read More

  • A diet-based alternative for stabilising pets with diabetes

    Beagle puppy eating

    Diabetes used to be quite a rare disease in dogs and cats, but incidences have increased dramatically in recent years so, this week I’m going to look specifically at how to help stabilise your pet’s blood sugar levels through diet. Read More

  • Your Dog In Summer


    Summer is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors with your pet however as the weather heats up it’s also important to remember that keeping your furry friends cool is imperative to prevent dehydration or heatstroke. Here are a few simple precautions you can take to ensure your pet stays cool throughout the day. Read More

  • The power of probiotics


    Probiotics are a hot topic right now because of their power to promote health and vitality, both in humans and pets. But what are these powerful microscopic organisms and how do they work? 
    Read More

  • Don't let grass seeds take the Spring out of your pet's step

    Every year as the weather warms up and the spring rain and sunshine accelerates grass growth I see many dogs and cats presenting every day at my clinic with grass seeds in their ears, nostrils, eyes, and between their toes. Read More

  • Poochy Massage Therapy

    poochy massge

    When we think of a pampering massage, the immediate association for most people is relaxation. You can bring this special treat to your dog as well. Massage therapy for animals is technically ‘touch therapy’, helping to improve both physical and mental wellbeing. Read More

  • Dog Park Etiquette

    dog etiquette

    One must be polite when sniffing others bottoms! Read More

  • Fireworks! Keep Calm!

    party dog for blog

    Over the holidays many celebrations involve fireworks. Unfortunately, the loud firework displays can cause much anxiety with our pets who can react with instinct to try and escape the noise. Read More

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