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  • Weathering the storm

    thunderstormWhile many human members of the Family enjoy a good thunderstorm; dark skies, high winds, heavy rain and thunder claps can strike terror into the heart of our pets. So, with Spring’s changeable weather making things occasionally stormy on the home front, I thought this the perfect opportunity to share some tips for alleviating phobic pets’ distress in stormy conditions. Read More

  • Introducing a New Pet at Home

    german shep

    It is very common to share your life with more than one companion animal.
    When you want to extend your furry family there are a few things to consider.
    Each introduction will vary depending on variables such as species, number of animals in the home, age, sex and temperament. Read More

  • Choosing The Best Name For Your Pet

    Choosing the best name for your pet can be difficult and overwhelming. Here are some tips to help you brain storm the perfect name!

    Read More

  • What meat should I feed my pet?

    CatDogEatingWSLarge - Copy

    Allergies, availability, price, nutritional factors, sustainability, suitability, farming practices and processing methods can all factor into the decision making process. Read More

  • Dental health for dogs and cats


    Four out of every five dogs and cats over the age of three years have some sort of dental disease which becomes more severe with age. This can be a real problem for pets and owners because it can lead to more serious problems such as illnesses related to the heart, liver and kidney. Read More

  • Pet Dental Health Month


    August is the AVA Pet Dental Health Month and this year's theme is What lurks beneath: gum disease in pets often goes unnoticed.

    An initiative of the Australian Veterinary Dental Society (AVDS), a special interest group of the AVA, Pet Dental

  • Important Documentation For Your Pet

    document dog 2

    As people we rely heavily on identification documents to prove who we are. Our pets should have similar documentation which can help them in times of being lost or injured. Read More

  • What is Essential 6®?

    Essential 6

    What can Dermoscent® Essential 6®

    do for your pet?

    For your Dog and Cat, Essential 6® spot-on treatment is a unique combination of Omega 6 & Omega 3 essential fatty acids & essential oils that reduces odour, moisturises dry skin, maintains coat and skin health, improves coat shine and reduces seasonal hair loss in cats. Read More

  • Car Safety and Your Pet

    dog in car

    Car Safety and Your Pet- 4 legs, 20 toes, 2 eyes, 1 counts

    Adults and children shouldn’t ride unrestrained, why would you allow your best friend to?

    When you take your dog on a car ride, whether it be a trip to the beach or a long road journey, your pet has invested his trust in you to keep him safe. Read More

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