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Monthly Archives: June 2014

  • Ticks - A Year Round Risk

    dog under blanket

    You can’t hide from pesky Ticks!

    Your dog or cat can’t hide from the fact that ticks are a year round risk to him.

    After the especially warm start to the winter months, ticks are still very active. In Australia, there are two types of ticks that are the most problematic, the brown dog tick and paralysis tick. Read More

  • What is Essential 6®?

    Essential 6

    What can Dermoscent® Essential 6®

    do for your pet?

    For your Dog and Cat, Essential 6® spot-on treatment is a unique combination of Omega 6 & Omega 3 essential fatty acids & essential oils that reduces odour, moisturises dry skin, maintains coat and skin health, improves coat shine and reduces seasonal hair loss in cats. Read More

  • Guinea Pig Nutrition

    Guinea Pig

    Nutrition for your Guinea Pig


    Guinea pigs are herbivores and if introduced to a wide range of frasses, fresh fruit and vegetables when they are young, they will not become fussy eaters. Contrary to popular belief, lettuce is not recommended as it can cause diarrhoea. Read More

  • Freshwater Sharks

    Rainbow Shark

    Sharks – The freshwater variety

    This topic of freshwater sharks is an interesting one that needs to be explained and clarified over a few times.  The fish covered by this article are the “sharks” that freshwater fish hobbyists and enthusiasts around the world keep in their home fish tanks.  Read More

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