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Monthly Archives: May 2014

  • Car Safety and Your Pet

    dog in car

    Car Safety and Your Pet- 4 legs, 20 toes, 2 eyes, 1 counts

    Adults and children shouldn’t ride unrestrained, why would you allow your best friend to?

    When you take your dog on a car ride, whether it be a trip to the beach or a long road journey, your pet has invested his trust in you to keep him safe. Read More

  • Brittany Spaniel

    brittany spaniel

    The Brittany Spaniel is a medium sized dog weighing in at 13.5kg to 18kg. Traditionally a playful, lanky, kind hearted companion that will have you in constant fits of laughter. Their personality is contagious; you cannot help but giggle at their enthusiastic behaviour. One of their most humorous traits is called ‘frog dog’, where they lay on their stomach, four legs sprawled out either side of them and sleeping as happy as can be. Read More

  • Caring For Your Turtle


    Keeping a turtle as a pet can be a wonderful experience. They each have their own personalities, learn to recognise their owners and should provide many years of enjoyment. Read More

  • Netherland Dwarf Rabbits


    Enjoying the company of a rabbit as your companion is very rewarding. These cute creatures are expressive and exhibit various amusing behaviours, they can be groomed, housetrained, are clean and are adorable cuddle buddies. Read More

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